What is the Riverbend dLab?

The Riverbend Design Lab, or dLab, refers both to a physical space and the style of learning that goes on within it. The dLab is inspired by NuVu StudioMIT Media Lab and Stanford d.school. It is a collaborative space hosting dedicated classes for students grades2 -8 as well as opportunities for teacher professional development and student extension projects for grades PreK-8. The dLab and its staff, Innovation Coordinator Melissa Panchuck Roper, are resources for project-based learning in Riverbend classrooms. dLab-based projects encourage an entrepreneurial, passion-based approach to learning via creativity and the iterative process. Work is hands-on, active learning through STEM-rich topics like robotics, coding and programming, graphic design, digital media, stop motion animation, design and prototyping. Projects encourage creativity, collaboration, metacognition, patience, independence and flexibility; skills that are the hallmark of an innovative Montessori education.

dLab Students in Action